Degree Converter

Change degrees (like bearings or azimuths) between several formats.

This degree converter will let you change your latitude and longitude values between degrees (D); degrees and minutes (DM); and degrees, minutes, seconds (DMS). They are used for various different software packages and with a GPS.

The calculations are very simple and already exist on other web sites, but I decided to make my own so I could have it be small, fast, and feature-packed. Well, maybe not really feature-packed, but it does work surprisingly well.

Enter any format of number you wish. You can use any of the following (and more):

  • N45.12345
  • N 45 7.407
  • N45 7 24.42
  • 45° 7' 24.42"
  • W 93.87654
  • -093 52.592
  • 93 52.592W