Web-Based Tools

Lots of little tools that run in your browser. I hope you find something interesting that helps you solve problems.

  • Base Converter - Convert something from one base to another.
  • Ciphers and Codes - Simpler, "pen and paper" style ciphers and substitution-style codes - all automated and running in your browser.
  • Compression in Browser - Use JavaScript to truly compress web pages, not just minify them.
  • Decision Tree - Demonstration of a decision tree that can help navigate through a problem to find a solution.
  • Degree Converter - Change degrees (like bearings or azimuths) between several formats.
  • Die Roll Stats - Statistically determine how well dice will roll given a specific combination of dice. Shows a chart to visually explain the results.
  • HTML Encoder - Hide chunks of HTML in self-executing JavaScript.
  • HTML Code Tester - Try a snippet of HTMl live in your browser.
  • JS Chars - Display the JavaScript character codes for anything entered.
  • Email Address (Mailto:) Encoder - Hide an email address, along with extra features. Makes it harder for bots to gather email addresses.
  • The Great JavaScript Marquee Generator - Creates the necessary code for you to plug into a web page in order to show a marquee.
  • Passwords - Find out if your password is strong enough to prevent unauthorized access. Generate new, secure passwords with Diceware or a random password generator.
  • Rumkin Phone Uploader - Software that allows you to upload files to older phones.
  • Population Counter - A simulator that helps you better visualize how fast different countries have their populations change.
  • Rainbow Text Generator - Create beautiful rainbow-colored text
  • Test Keyboard Events - Show the data associated with keyboard events.
  • TiddlyWiki - A couple plugins I modified or created for the older versions of Tiddly Wiki.
  • WCN Config Generator - Creates a Zip file for transferring WiFi info using "Windows Connect Now"