Useful things that I have written. Maybe it could help you out too?

FoxPro is a wonderful database system that lets you get away with basically anything. It can access external DLL files, can be compiled into (almost) standalone executables, has a simple and powerful language, and has a command window where fluent developers can get things done quickly.

I have a page that chock full of libraries and packages, where the bigger chunks of code live. On this page you will find a short index of trivial functions and links for additional resources. To use the ones on this page, you would set procedure to <FILENAME> additive.

  • Files
    • delete-file.prg.txt - Deletes a file if it exists. Returns 1 if the file was deleted.
    • delete-table.prg.txt - Delete a table, index, memo. Requires delete-file.prg.txt.
    • fox2x.prg.txt - Downgrade a Visual FoxPro table to fox2x / dBase III. Do not use it on a database with memo fields. This will corrupt any other type of file.
  • Status
    • say.prg.txt - Write a message to the console and a logfile.
    • progress.prg.txt - Start, stop and update a progress meter. This limits screen updates to improve the speed of your program.
    • hush.prg.txt - Manage SET TALK ON and SET TALK OFF. Call Hush() to silence something (it detects if TALK is ON/OFF) and Unhush() when done.
  • Strings
  • Conversions
    • upload-fox-to-sql.prg.txt - Creates a table and copies the data to SQL Server fia an ODBC connection. It's slower than BCP but massages the data better.
    • - Perl script to convert a CSV file to a DBF.
  • Tables
    • table-names.prg.txt - Opens and closes a table by name. Automatically will close other tables with the same name.
    • build-cursor.prg.txt - Lets you build a table from results. When working with chunks of data, you can keep appending to an existing cursor with this method.
    • list-indexes.prg.txt - Get a list of indexes on a table.
    • tag-exists.prg.txt - Determine if a tag is set on a table.
    • shrink-fields.prg.txt - Reduce the size of the database file by shrinking character fields to longest value. Only works with character fields but could be extended to handle other types.
  • Utilities
    • dupe-field-find.prg.txt - It causes problems when you name multiple fields with the same name. This function helps you find your error.
    • dump-form.prg.txt - Sample script that dumped a form to an HTML document for analysis. Could be useful when decompiling or regenerating lost source code.

Seeking more? There's a bit more on the libraries and packages page.

Where would I be if I did not list the useful sites out there that had FoxPro code available for public consumption?

  • FoxPro Wiki - Most likely, someone before you had the same problem that you are facing. This wiki houses some of the best information available for FoxPro.