Feedback Box

A live feedback system. This can power a chat box that you can include on pages, giving visitors the ability to chat with each other and you can also monitor it for early problem detection with your site.

I once wrote a live chat system that was featured at the bottom of the pages on my site. It included bad word filtering and rate limiting. The PHP source is available in

Be warned - this includes the most recent copy of my scripts, which lists the words I am filtering (avert thine eyes!) and the rules that I previously employed. It was designed to go with any theme system on your site, but the theming is not included. Thus, if you see references to $theme, you now know why that's there.

There is a simple readme.txt file that discusses how to set it up. Really, the documentation for this thing is quite sparse, but this tool is extremely simple as well and it doesn't need much.

  • Server Requirements: PHP 4.x (and probably newer versions), MySQL
  • Browser Requirements: None. Works with Mozilla, Netscape, IE, Opera, Links, Lynx, and even the web browsers on cell phones.