Download D&D Helper

Here are all of the files you can download to expand D&D Helper, a tool for dungeon masters and game masters (DMs and GMs) to run their campaign.

If you want to start using D&D Helper, I'd suggest you download the zip file first, and then test out the program. If you like what you see and you want the extra ability to generate names, words, and other things.

There is also just the die rolling part of D&D Helper in a separate Palm program in case you want to just get numbers. You do not need to install this in order to have die rolling in D&D Helper.

D&D Helper can use additional databases to generate various things. They are not required to run D&D Helper; they just provide more tools to the DM or player.

Before you download a file, you should check out sample output from that file. Just click on the Sample link. The results will be along the same lines that your Palm will give you.

Miscellaneous Databases

Download all of these at once:

  • Business Names - From the Net Book of Names, List of Businesses
  • Critical Hit - Used with permission from D&D Adventures. (source)
  • Gems - One random gen description per gem type.
  • Fumble - Used with permission from D&D Adventures. (source)
  • Magic Items - A fairly decent magic item generator. Results should still be checked for mismatched attributes, such as a dancing bow or a sap of wounding. (source)
  • Mundane Items - Generates several mundane items for treasure. (source)
  • Riddles - From the
  • Wild Surge - Used with permission from Joseph DuBois (Scooby). (source)
  • Wild Surge Fumble - Used with permission from Joseph DuBois (Scooby). (source)


Need a name for your character?

Download all of these at once:

Language Generation

D&D Helper can generate words that resemble real words for the given language.

Download all of these at once:

Files listed here are probably for "advanced" users only. I link to them for the odd chance that they might help someone.

  • PHP D&D Helper Class - This PHP class is an extender for PHP-PDB (a PHP class to read and write PDB files). It will assist in writing databases that can be used by D&D Helper. This class is very slow when dealing with letter pair databases, so you should only write 'Pick' and 'PSR' style databases on the fly, if ever.

  • psr-js - JavaScript version of the generator that I use for creating the samples on this page.

  • MenuHack - A HackMaster extension (that works with HackMaster, EVPlugBase, X-Master, etc.) that will let you tap the menu bar of an application to pull down the menu, instead of doing the counter-intuitive action of pressing the menu button for the menu. Only older Palm handhelds can benefit from this -- the newer ones have this built-in. This is not required to run the program. It merely makes life easier.