Reference Materials

This is a collection of how-to guides, informational documents, and other web pages that primarily give you instructions or helpful advice.

  • FIC AquaPad - More than you ever wanted to know about the FIC AquaPad.

  • Programming Bots - I like to program tank things. Here's the collection of links and things that I enjoyed.

  • Solving NxNxN Cubes - Want a simpler way to solve a Rubik's Cube? It may not be the fastest, but it is one I can remember. As a bonus, it works for any size cube, not just the kind that have 3 on a side.

  • Dakota Digital Single-Use Camera - Just a little information about a really cheap digital camera and how to reuse it instead of paying the processing fees.

  • Make Your Own Desiccant - How to make your own moisture removing device for small, semi-sealed containers. You can use it in your tackle box, in a safe, or in a geocache.

  • 3rd Edition D&D - Information about how to stay alive, our previous house rules, links to software, custom prestige classes, etc.

  • Firearms - Information about ballistic gel, alternatives to ballistic gel for testing ammunition, and firearm performance in certain situations. Links to great sites about effectiveness of ammunition and various test results.

  • Kryptos Tools and Notes - A tool I wrote for Elonka.

  • Access and MSSQL - Little functions and bits of code for Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL Server.

  • About This Site - How did I pick the name "Rumkin", legal information, and other boring stuff.

  • Web Reference - How to do some interesting things with dynamic HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and maybe even some plain HTML.

  • Homemade Whiteboards - How you can build your own whiteboard at home and information for how to best clean a whiteboard.