Little snippets of code that I have picked up from various sources. Sometimes even bits that I wrote myself because I couldn't find anything out there to help me.

This page is devoted to the various algorithms that I have collected over the years. Here, you will find a description of the algorithm, what it is used for, links to code that I wrote and related off-site links. I like to keep things organized, so pick your favorite topic below:

  • String Escaping and Encoding - Discussion on the topic of properly escaping strings when converting from one language or system to another. Some code examples are included.

  • Fuzzy String Matching - How to determine the degree of similarity for two different strings. I cover Levenshtein's and Oliver's methods along with soundex.

  • Doubly Linked Lists - Interesting idea (backed with code) about how you can save memory by using XOR to store the difference between the previous and next nodes in the list.