Programming Topics

I'm a programmer and so I may write up a bit now and then about various programming-related topics.

  • Algorithms - Little snippets of code that I have picked up from various sources. Sometimes even bits that I wrote myself because I couldn't find anything out there to help me.

  • Atomic CSS - A CSS technique to make maintainable, uncomplicated CSS. Blends together many other ideas in a controversial way, but ends up with much simpler rules in the end. Works on a wide variety of site sizes from a landing page to an enterprise's online shopping site, from a giant single page application to static pages.

  • Best JavaScript Boilerplate - The ES5 starting template for a JavaScript object that I am personally fond of. It allows for use in Node.js as well as in a browser, plus it works with a wide variety of module loading systems.

  • Palm OS Programming - This is the older, Palm OS 3.x style of devices. Hints, tips and tricks to get your Palm application working more smoothly.