Query Analyzer to Excel

Exporting results from Microsoft SQL Server's Query Analyzer, including the column headers.

Microsoft SQL Server's Query Analyzer is great. I'd also like to export the results as a file that I can load into Excel and analyze further or hand off to other people. That, apparently, was not readily supported because when you copy and paste the results to Excel, the column headers are missing.


You are running Microsoft SQL Server's Query Analyzer and you want to copy your results grid to Excel. Copying the grid and pasting it in Excel does not work well because you are missing column headings.


Well, it's simply because Query Analyzer thinks you want the data - not the column headers also. Some say that Query Analyzer that comes with SQL Server 2003 has an option to also copy the column headers. I don't have it, so I can't confirm.


This is somewhat a quick workaround, but it works well for me. I am using SQL Server 2000's Query Analyzer.

  • Tools → Options
  • General Tab: Change result file extension to .csv
  • Results Tab: Change results output format to "Comma Delimited (CSV)"
  • Results Tab: Make sure that "print column headers" is checked.

Now, you just run Query Analyzer like before with no problems. When you want a .csv file, change the results target from Grid (or Text) to File and execute your query again.

Problem solved.


If you get back multiple data sets, they will all be in the same .csv file. Also, messages are in the .csv file. So, open up the .csv file and scroll around. At the end of a single-result query, you will see a line that says there were X records returned. You'll likely want to delete this line.

Some people say that this does not work well with numbers that have leading zeros, dates, and other things. You might need to perform additional tweaks to get the results to display in the .csv file exactly how you need it.