Web-Based Tools

  • Ciphers - Encode or decode secret messages in your browser. Great for geocaching, escape rooms, or simply passing the time.
  • Die Roll Stats - Useful to visualize the odds of many different types of dice producing results in a variety of combinations.
  • Phone Uploader - Send new ringtones, images, and Java midlets to your phone with ease. Works with many phones and providers, and I don't charge a cent!
  • Mailto Encoder - A safe way to put your email address on a web page and not have it harvested by spambots. Packed with features and ways to customize the encoding of the address.
  • more ...

Fun Stuff

Programming Topics

Reference Materials

  • Web Experiments - Fun little things I tried out.
  • D&D Resources - House rules and software used by our D&D sessions.
  • Desiccant - Dry out an area using beads of silica gel. Great for buried containers, geocaches, and places where you don't want objects to rust.
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Software Projects and Downloads

  • D&D Helper - Palm OS software to help speed up your Dungeons and Dragons campaign (or other type of dice-based system) by rolling dice, looking up information, and generating interesting things.
  • Java Puzzle Applet - Free puzzle applet that lets you easily add an image puzzle to your website. Very customizable.
  • Marco - A set of surveyor programs that run on Palm OS, intended to replace outdated hardware and bulky laptops in the field.
  • more ...

Problems Only Tyler Has

  • See The List - There are a bunch of silly things that I encounter where there's no solution (yet) to be found on the internet.