WCN Config Generator

Windows Connect Now (WCN), or Windows Rally, is a way that Microsoft developed in order to make networking easier. It will let you generate a set of files that can be put onto a USB drive, then inserted into a Windows XP SP 3 or Windows Vista computer in order to nearly instantly configure networking.

This is fine and good, but what if you currently don't have a Windows computer available? What about when your house is filled with Linux or Apple computers? What if you have some family coming over with their laptops and your randomly generated 64 character key is insanely long to type? Then you need to copy a file or email the key around and trust everyone can copy and paste. Oh the hassle!

Worry no more. Use this form and a zip file will be created that contains the files you want. Also, in case you are paranoid like the author, rest assured that your network keys will never touch a hard drive on this side. When you press the button, you will be prompted to download a zip file. The easiest thing to do at this point is to just unzip it on a USB jump drive. If you already had an "autorun.inf" file on there, rename it first so it will not get overwritten by accident.

Inside the zip file, you will find the setupSNK.exe program to ease installation for Windows XP and Vista (perhaps Windows 7?) computers. Custom WSETTING.TXT and WSETTING.WFC files will have your networking configuration. Plus, you have the option of an easy batch file, Install_Wireless.bat to help set up your network. If you include the AUTORUN.INI, you'll also get a logo file to make your jump drive have a cool icon.

The name of the network with which you want to connect.
Connection Type: ESS (Infrastructure)
IBSS (Ad hoc)
If you have an access point or if you are unsure, use ESS.
Authentication: Open
I wish I had good advice here. Sorry. Write me an email if you can think of words that would help in this location.
Encryption: None (Unencrypted)
WEP is insecure. It is recommended you switch to something better, like WPA2PSK/AES.
Network Key:
This is the moment we've all been waiting for!
Key Provided Automatically? - Is the key provided by the network automatically? Probably not.
IEEE 802.1x Enabled? - Is IEEE 802.1x access control enabled on this network? Unsure? Then just try it out with this option not checked.
Include Autorun? - This will make an autorun.ini file so that the network settings program will be started right when you insert the jump drive into the computer. Usually, this is a good thing.
Include Batch File? - If you plan on distributing the wireless settings via email, on a network drive, or wish to use them from within a directory, the setup program works much better when you run it from this batch file. Not needed if you are following the standard plan of using a USB jump drive.
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