MindTerm SSH Applet

This Java applet is "signed" by Appgate Aktiebolag. You may see:

  • a license agreement (say Yes if you want to use SSH)
  • warnings about local directories and files (your option for yes/no)
  • the SSH window itself (Yeay!)

The applet is about 350k for IE and 550k for Netscape or Sun's Java plugin. It could take a while to download if you are over a dialup (56k or less) line. NOTE: You will likely see nothing for a bit - the download does not have a status display in most browsers.

The daisy is called Bellis perennis in England and Chrysanthemum leucanthemum in the U.S. Its name comes from the trait of the flower opening each morning at dawn. It is also known as the "eye of the day." Tyler Akins <>
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