Phone Links

Below are sites that deal with mobile phones, have content available for you to download, or contain information that may be useful. If you know of other sites, feel free to email me about them.

Ringers, Wallpapers, and Other Phone Files

Cellfiles A forum where you can post and request ringers, apps, games, and videos. Need stuff to send to your phone?
Craig Given Very clean site with ringtones, apps, and images. There is also a very nice FAQ available that will answer many questions about using your phone and getting more things onto it.
fonpirate Browse this site with your phone to get images, ringers, and programs.
Fresh MIDIs Popular songs that are in MIDI format, ready for your phone.
GetJar Games, applications, and utilities for your phone.
MBuzzy Free ringtones, apps, and images. Lots of content.
Midi Freak Free MIDI songs, ringtones, and other things you can upload to your phone. Java based games for mobile phones.
MyPhoneFiles Ringers, wallpapers, and more.
phoneART Collection of wallpapers and ringers for you to download. You can also leave a comment in the guestbook to request something special.
Ring Cities Forum site where you can get ringers, games, and other downloads.

Other Uploaders

2 ur Phone An alternate uploader that uses its own custom software. If you try this, let me know how well it works.
3G Inferno A blended site that hosts both my old and newer uploader, so you can upload .jar files with .jad if you have them.
a9000 Upload Formats files so you can use QPST to transfer them to your phone with a USB cable. Doesn't do any uploading itself; it helps make the required files to use QPST effectively.
BitPim Runs on your local computer and talks to your phone through a special USB cable. Freeware, but you do need to go out and buy a cable.
CellPhoto Another uploader site that was mentioned in the shoutbox.
Chris On The Web My uploader, but skinned to look better and with an improved gallery.
Cybertooth Another copy of my software, who actually volunteered to help take traffic off my site instead of me finding them with Google. An earlier version of my uploader. If you have problems uploading a .jar that you think should work, make sure that you have the .jad handy and try this uploader. Maybe this one will work for you? Another older copy of my uploader. Seems like this free stuff is quite popular.
LiquidFish Modified copy of a very early version of my uploader. My uploader on another site. I'm glad that people like it so much.
Lunarnexus Another mirror of my uploader. Plain looking but that just means it loads faster.
MobileReelz Nice ringtone uploader. Upload your MP3 file, chop it down to a ringer, then send it to your phone.
Nexzign One more copy of the uploader. Same uploader as here, but looks better.
PCSpix Lets you upload files to your phone after registering. Not sure what uploader software they use.
Pix2Fone Alternate site that will let you send images to your phone. My uploader that has been spruced up quite a bit.
RingRingFree Another place that hosts the uploader I wrote.
SigStop Another copy of the uploader. Their own software that will send files to your phone. They stole large portions of my FAQ and regurgitated it in their own FAQ. Thanks for the lack of credit. Recently set up and would like users to visit his site. An independantly written piece of software that does a very good job of sending files.
Total Uploader This file sender appears to use its own code to send images, PRC files, zip files, Java midlets, and plain text messages to phones.
Veracity Another copy of my uploader.
Vorpal Cloud Same uploader as me, but themed to go with their site.
WM5 My uploader, circa 2007

Informational Sites and Online Converters

Atlanta Journal-Constitution :: Geekboy A write-up on how to create and send ringers to your phone.
CMX FAQ Some information about the CMX format.
Dreampages A site that lists many other Sprint-related sites.
How to make PMD files from animated GIFs A step-by-step document with lots of nice pictures.
Online Image Converter Change your bmp, png, gif, or jpeg images into another type.
Samsung A660 Information How to get files on your phone, games that work, setting it up as a modem for your computer, and lots of other information.
Screen Sizes A list of screen sizes so you can resize images to fit your phone before you upload them.
SprintUsers This is their section for Sprint Vision PCS users. It contains links to many other worthwhile sites.
WAP Universal Resource File Look up phone information based on model, make, or user agent string.

Uploading and Related Software

BlurredVision PHP toolkit to upload files to your PCS phone. Still in early development stages. PHP function to send a SMS via Sprint's web site. It works better than using email to send messages.
MiniSendNote Tiny program to send messages from a Sprint phone without forcing you to use their annoying WAP system.
My Uploader The code that runs this site. Not to be humble, but it has all of the awesome features I can think of. Automatic image resizing, phone detection, and tons more. Oh, it's freeware (open source). Yeah, I know, that wasn't humble at all.
PCS Vision Uploader Appears to be effectively the same thing as what I wrote, but developed independently.
Text Messenger Palm OS program to send a Sprint user a message.
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