If you use a computer, you more than likely have a password or a passphrase. Security is something that people often don't take seriously enough. Because of this, I have created a couple tools that help to make things simpler.


You can create high-quality passphrases with a lookup table and a set of dice. This web page will replace the lookup table, which means you won't need to print our or reference a 30+ page list of words. It also has the ability to generate a passphrase for you, word by word.

MD5 Generator

Calculate the MD5 checksum of a bit of text, password, or whatever you like. Runs in your browser and nothing is sent back to me, just in case you need to use it offline.

Password Generator

If you need to make a password, generate random numbers, or create a hexadecimal key for your wireless LAN, this tool is for you. It is written in JavaScript and will create random information for you with just a click of a button.

Password Strength Tester

Do you want to know how secure your new password is? This JavaScript tool will analyze your password and compare it to a list of common passwords. Then it will look closer at the letters and the "predictability" of letter pairs in your words in order to generate a score of how random your password really is. It will show you the difference between "password" and "Pa5$w0rD".


  • Security Stats - Tips for creating good passwords
  • Diceware - Create good passphrases by shaking a few dice and looking up words on a table
  • Password Maker - Extension for IE, Firefox, Yahoo! widget, javascript, PHP. Create a secure password for a given web site and you only need to remember the "master password" that is used to generate every site's password.

More Tools?

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