Simple Mailto Encoder

This is a greatly simplified version of the custom mailto encoder. Feel free to go to the main page for more information on what this does.

Just tell me the email address you want to link to on your web page, and this will generate the HTML code for you to insert. It will use JavaScript to write your email address, and will display a message for the poor unfortunate souls that do not use JavaScript in their browser.

I tried to make sure that the generated JavaScript code isn't all that big, but it still is a hassle and one block of code is required for each address.

Step 1: Email Address

Please enter your email address here. You can feel safe about typing it in here because all of the processing is done on your computer and it does not relay any information to any other computer.

Email Address: Mandatory

Step 2: Link Text (Optional)

If you want your name or some other text displayed as the link instead of your email address, just enter it here. If this is blank, the link will show your email address, which is usually what you want.

Link Text: Optional

Step 3: Press The Button

Your final HTML code is:

... View the code in a popup window.

Just copy the above HTML code and paste it into the source of your web page, and you will have a link that spambots can not harvest (to the best of my knowledge), and ordinary browsers will easily be able to see. In case you are wondering, I split up the JavaScript string into chunks to foil spambots -- many are now written to automatically decode %xx hex strings into their equivalent values. With it broken into chunks, they get "user@h"+""+"me" or something similar.

Please don't steal this script and say that you wrote it. It took me forever to make this little bugger. You can copy it and use it on your web site or whatever. Just please give me credit by mentioning my name (Tyler Akins) and provide a link to my site (

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