HTML Encoder

Because there were so many requests for encoding extra information in the mailto: link and because other people wanted to encode arbitrary HTML, I have written this page to allow you to do just that. It's pretty simple. Just enter the stuff you want encoded in the top, select the encoding method, press the button.

This does not make a "mailto" link for you. If you want that, try out my simple or custom mailto encoders. For more information on the mailto encoders, see the main page.

Step 1: HTML / Whatever

Just type your HTML code here:

Step 2: Encoding Options

Encoding Strength:

Step 3: Generate HTML

Press this button to generate the code that you will copy into your web page's source.

Your final HTML code is:

... View the code in a popup window.

Please don't steal this script and say that you wrote it. It took me forever to make this little bugger. You can copy it and use it on your web site or whatever. Just please give me credit by mentioning my name (Tyler Akins) and provide a link to my site (

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