If you want to know where to go to get more geocaches, what software you should try out, or who to ask to order useful things, you've come to the right spot. If you have other links that you find useful and would like to see them added, just leave me a comment and I'll probably add it here.


Geocache Rating System A simple form that you can fill out and it will determine the correct terrain and difficulty ratings for your cache.
Geocaching The site to go to if you want to "treasure hunt". Lists caches all over the world, how to find them, and what to do if you are lucky enough to actually spot one.
Geocaching WAP Site Low-bandwidth site for your phone and PDA. This is the official WAP site for
Handicaching Provides handicapped-accessible ratings for caches.
Navicache An alternate to Not as many points in my area, and the GUI is pretty utilitarian (like my whole web site).
Terricaching Another alternative to You need a free membership to even view caches, but site is nicely laid out and it has its own point system.

Maps and Navigation

Navigation and Palm OS Large list of links to software that relates to using a GPS receiver and a Palm.
Flash Earth Take a look at Google's and MSN's satellite imagery in a Flash-based viewer. Similar to Google Earth, but requires no installation (except the Flash plugin you probably already have installed).
GPX Coordinate Converter, Maps and Info Convert and map coordinates. Use a map to find coordinates. Extra-slick.
Great Circle Calculator Determine distance and angle between two sets of coordinates, or get a second set of coordinates with a distance and direction from a known point.
Map Builder Build your own Google or Yahoo map.
Geocaching Maps Much faster mapper, but far less details.

Windows Software

CacheStats Create an overview of your geocaching statistics and include the results on your user profile page. [freeware]
Google Earth Float above the world, zoom in and out, and look across the horizon. These are just a couple of the things you can do with Google Earth. The software is free (advanced features require you to buy a "higher level" product) and you can even view geocaches with the KML file from [freeware / shareware]
GPS Utility Nice interface to pop in a few waypoints into the GPS without needing to enter them into the receiver without a keyboard. Does lots of things, such as showing direction you are travelling, number of satellites in view, and much more. Freeware version is limited only to the amount of data, not the features. [freeware / shareware]
GPSBabel Reads, converts, and writes waypoints from LOC, GPX, HTML, and many other formats. It can even read them from or send them to your GPS! It's a command-line tool that runs on many operating systems and is extremely flexible. [freeware, open-source]
GPSBabelWrapper GUI for controlling GPSBabel. [freeware]
USA Photo Maps Download aerial photo maps and topographic maps from Microsoft's TerraServer site. Knits together the images to provide seamless maps that you can zoom in and out of. Can interface with your GPS to show your current location on the images. Works with GPX files. [freeware, open-source]
Utopia Manages your GPX and LOC files, apply filtres, upload the points to your GPS and export them to different formats. Like a faster version of Watcher. [freeware]
VisualGPS Get information from your GPS, such as the satellites it has in view, signal levels, and more. Also, lets you track the calculated GPS position over time to approximate a more accurate location by averaging the coordinates. [freeware]
Watcher When you download a list of caches as a GPX file, they come with a lot of additional information about the cache. Watcher will let you view the comments, cache description, and the rest of the information for each cache listed in the file. Great to have with you when you are out hitting geocaches throughout the day and you didn't print out the listings when you were at home. [freeware]

Linux Software

GPSBabel Reads, converts, and writes waypoints from LOC, GPX, HTML, and many other formats. It can even read them from or send them to your GPS! It's a command-line tool that runs on many operating systems and is extremely flexible. [freeware, open-source]

Palm Software

GPilotS Transfer/edit waypoints and routes, synchronize time, retrieve information from your GPS and even emulate a GPS for another computer. [freeware, open-source]
GPS master Manages your Garmin GPS, but designed for a Sharp Zaurus, so it supports Sony HiRes, JogDial, memory cards, and other things.
PalGar Copies and edits waypoints and routes, synchronizes time, retrieves information from your GPS. [freeware, open-source]

Mobile Phone Software

GeoMob View geocache information on your phone without requiring an internet connection.
MGMaps Look at Google, Yahoo, Microsoft ariel and road maps on your cell phone. Supports web tracking, viewing network KML files (like the Geocaching KML file), subway support, directions, GPS support, and much more.
Google Maps for Mobile Phones The Official Google application. Not as feature rich as MGMaps.

Hardware & Trinkets

Pfranc An inexpensive place where you can get Garmin-related cables custom made, or just the ends so you can make your own.
Blue Hills Innovations Another place that you can order GPS-related cables and can get custom cables created for you.
U.S. Coin Force You can buy extremely nice coins and tokens from here. This is the supplier for MnGCA's geocoins.
Dog Tags Direct Want a dog tag as a replacement travel bug tag? Just want some cheap, nice, metal tags? For just over $3, you can get your own tag stamped.
DoggTagz More decorative tags, but at a slightly higher cost. They are still some of the better prices you'll find on the web.
Michael Meyers used a William Shatner mask painted white in the movie "Halloween." Tyler Akins <>
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