Waypoint Visualizer

Upload your file of waypoints and have them plotted to a Google map. The points can be described in an LOC or a GPX file. All uploaded information is not saved on my server -- the data is processed live, reformatted, and sent directly back to you.

Google Maps GPX Viewer
Basically the same thing, but on a different site using almost completely different code. Without this site, I wouldn't have thought to reimplement it myself so that it could handle LOC files. Mine only plots the waypoints in the GPX file, but this one will show them for you.
Google Maps API
Thanks to Google, everyone can now have interactive maps on their own web sites. Google has even tried to make things easy for other people to use. If you decide to copy this web page and put it on your own site to show off points, make sure to get your own Google Maps API key! They're free.
Zip Code Locations
According to the 2000 Census. Locations are approximate, since zip codes really do not define regions or areas. Longitudes are positive, but should be negative. This download is a gzip compressed text file. Most modern archivers can properly decompress it.
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U.S. Zip Code:   -  
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