Degree Converter

This degree converter will let you change your latitude and longitude values between degrees (D); degrees and minutes (DM); and degrees, minutes, seconds (DMS). They are used for various different software packages and with a GPS.

The calculations are very simple and already exist on other web sites, but I decided to make my own so I could have it be small, fast, and feature-packed.

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How do I use this thing?

Enter any type of coordinates into the white box and you will get the coordinates converted to decimal degrees, degrees and minutes, or DMS (degrees, minutes, seconds). You can enter coordinates in practically any format. For instance, you can use:

N 45.12345N45.12345N 45 12.345N45 12 34.5
W 93.87654-093 87.65493 12.987W-093° 12' 34.89"
The converter is not picky. Just copy & paste and it will work.

If you can find a type of coordinate that it does not handle correctly, just leave me a message in the shoutbox below and I will figure out how to parse that style too.

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