GPS and Mapping

My wife and I have recently taken an interest in geocaching. It's very similar to treasure hunting, except you already know approximately where the treasure is. You use your GPS to find the area and snoop around a bit to find the container. If you locate it, just sign the log and optionally trade something.

Google Maps

These pages are all made with the Google Maps API. They show my travel bugs and the Moving 123 cache that hovers around Minneapolis, MN.

Google Waypoint Mapper Load up your GPX or LOC file and map the coordinates in Google Maps. Very attractive.
My Finds Although it isn't very impressive, I decided to map all of the locations that I have found a cache.

Other Thingeraoos

Cache Stats Analyzes your "My Finds" GPX file and figures out many little statistics about the caches and events you have logged.
Degrees Converter Converts degrees from one format to another. From degrees, to degrees and minutes, to dms (degrees, minutes, seconds).
Related Links Links to hardware, software, web sites, mapping info, and other things. If you have a site that you think is useful, leave me a comment and I may add it.
Pocket Query Automatic Processing How I have set up my server to aggregate multiple pocket queries into one big CSV file and lots of individual HTML files, all contained in a single ZIP.
Travel Bug Info Sheet Web-based form that will make a credit-card sized tag that you can laminate and include with your travel bug. It assists the finder and lets them know that they should log the bug's movements and where they should go.
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