Ok, I admit that I don't know of an "official" name for this algorithm. I did hear that it is the same method as what a scytale employs. Basically, if you are given the encrypted text, you start at a given letter and then count N letters (wrapping around from the end to the beginning) forward to the next letter. It can be used for the third part of the Kryptos statue. I can also pre-load the K3 information for you.

If you do use this for decoding the Kryptos, you will see that you need to just count every 192nd letter. Additionally, I have made 5 characters lowercase: The "s" and the "l" are the first two characters, in case you wanted to count by hand. The "y", "a", and "r" are the three letters that are offset from the rest of the text.

Spaces are NOT ignored and will be moved around appropriately as though they were letters. Newlines (enters / returns) will be ignored.

Bypass the first X letters: (0 = start with the first letter, 1 = start with the second letter, ...)

Skip: (When pressed, the next valid number is used - Show all skip possibilities in a new window.)

This is your encoded or decoded text.

Your present plans are going to succeed. Tyler Akins <>
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