This is a JavaScript 1.2 implementation of the "rot13" encoder. If your browser doesn't support JavaScript 1.2, you really should get a newer one. Rot13 isn't a very secure algorithm. A becomes N, B becomes O, C changes to P, etc. It is used to obscure spoilers and hints so that the person reading has to do a little work in order to understand the message instead of being able to accidentally read it.

Rot13 is both an encoder and decoder. You can enter plain text or encoded text, and you will be given the other one. Just type either one here and it will be automatically encoded or decoded.

I also made a rotN encoder, which is also called a Caesarian Shift, so you can see what your sentence looks like if it is off by one character, 19 characters, or however many you want. Additionally, the Vigenere cipher is very similar.

This is your encoded or decoded text:

Napoleon Bonaparte took such offense at being served a German bread that he declared in French, "Pain pour Nicole," which translates to "bread for Nicole," his horse. The expression stuck and the bread has been called pumpernickel ever since. Tyler Akins <>
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