Morse Code

Morse Code, created by Samuel Morse, was designed to transmit letters across telegrams. He wanted frequently used letters to have short codes and less frequently used letters to have longer codes.

It has since been used in many other situations. For a lot more information, visit the Wikipedia entry on the topic.

When encrypting, only letters and numbers will be encoded and the rest will be treated like spaces. When decrypting, only periods and hyphens will be decoded and the rest will be treated like spaces. This web page uses International Morse Code with some additional enhancements, but without support for foreign characters. It also is geared to help you decode Morse Code snippets you find with the Reverse (flips the text) and Swap (exchanges periods and hyphens) links.

You can also insert the following phrases from the Kryptos statue: SOS, RQ, SHADOW FORCES, VIRTUALLY INVISIBLE, ...T IS YOUR POSITION, DIGETAL INTERPRETATIT, LUCID MEMORY. (See Photos)

Your message: (Reverse - Swap)

This is your encoded or decoded text:

This is a table of all the Morse Code translations I know

A   .-B   -...C   -.-.D   -..E   .F   ..-.G   --.H   ....I   ..J   .---
K   -.-L   .-..M   --N   -.O   ---P   .--.Q   --.-R   .-.S   ...T   -
U   ..-V   ...-W   .--X   -..-Y   -.--Z   --..0   -----1   .----2   ..---3   ...--
4   ....-5   .....6   -....7   --...8   ---..9   ----..   .-.-.-,   --..--?   ..--..-   -....-
=   -...-:   ---...;   -.-.-.(   -.--.)   -.--.-/   -..-."   .-..-.$   ...-..-'   .----.¶   .-.-..
_   ..--.-@   .--.-.!   ---.!   -.-.--+   .-.-.~   .-...#   ...-.-&   . ...⁄   -..-. 
  • [Error]   ......
  • [Wait]   .-...
  • [Understood]   ...-.
  • [End of message]   .-.-.
  • [End of work]   ...-.-
  • [Starting signal]   -.-.-
  • [Invitation to transmit]   -.-


Many years ago in English pubs, whistles were baked into the rim or handle of their ceramic cups. When they needed a refill, they used the whistle to get some service. "Wet/Whet your whistle" is the phrase inspired by this practice. Tyler Akins! <>
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