Web-Based Tools

It is easy to get access to a web browser. These tools will help you do more advanced things with a simple client. For other things that may be considered tools but do not run on a live web server, check out the software section.

Compression Experiments in using JavaScript to compress and decompress web pages
Ciphers Simple methods to encode messages so that you can pass them to someone else without having others know what the message is. Not as strong as actual encryption, but it is something you can do by hand. ROT13, Cryptograms, etc.
PJIRC Java IRC applet that lets you connect to a server from whatever computer you sit down at. Works even if you have a firewall. Does not require special software to be installed on the computer -- it does it all in an applet.
GPS and Navigation Things that help out with your GPS, while geocaching, showing maps, and relevant links.
Great JavaScript Marquee Generator Create your own little marquee that puts a customized message on the status bar of browsers when they visit your web site. Many different styles and options are available.
Mailto Encoder Tired of spam, but you still want to put your email address on your web page? Use this mailto encoder so that spambots can not harvest your address, and normal web browsers should still be able to see it without any problems. It is basically the same thing that I use at the bottom of this page.
Mindterm SSH Forget your SSH client? Need to log into your server and you only have a web browser? Look no further! This signed Java applet will let you connect to whatever host you want and uses SSL for encrypted communications.
Passwords Create random passwords, passphrases, and encryption keys for your WEP/WAP wireless access point. Evaluate how good your passphrase or password really is with the strength test.
Phone Uploader (Offline) This tool could upload files to phones that had no other way to receive new ringers, backgrounds, and games. Taken down, but the software is still available.
Population Estimation See estimates of populations in various countries around the world and watch them get updated! China is the most active, so if you want to see what happens, just head straight for that densely populated country.
TiddlyWiki Imagine a whole wiki in just one page. Javascript lets you jump around inside the page and also can let you save the changes back to a local file. This TiddlyWiki is my online repository of plugins that were really hard to find or that I developed.
Windows Connect Now Generate your own WCN / Windows Rally config files without Windows.
Weeble FTP client in PHP. Useful for editing your web pages, uploading files, browsing FTP sites, etc.
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