Java Puzzle Applet - Errors

Make sure you are at the Java Console in order to view these messages. If you aren't there, you can't debug why the software is messing up.

  • Number of pieces not correctly specified - You didn't specify only two of the three values needed for number of pieces (num, numx, numy).
  • Total pieces != pieces across * pieces down - You must follow the format num = numx * numy. All must be integers (whole numbers) and num either must not be specified, or must be divisible evenly by the numx or the numy that you specified.
  • Image filename not defined - You didn't specify the parameter src.
  • Interrupted - Something interrupted the applet. I don't know what it could be, otherwise I would have used a better error message.

Known Bugs

I hate to say this, but there are known bugs. However, I can't do anything more about them, so I consider them resolved.

  • It trims off at most (total pieces across - 1) pixels from the right side and (total pieces down - 1) pixels from the bottom so the picture will work well for chopping into little pieces. Hope you don't mind. The only way to fix this is to scale the image, so that when it cuts the pieces into equal widths, there are no extra pixels laying around. Fortunately, you can scale either before you use it in the applet, or have the applet scale for you.
  • The puzzle may sometimes display blank pieces where there should be puzzle pieces. This is a really strange error, and I don't think it is my fault. Now, the mix button clears the screen before mixing the pieces, to hopefully get the pieces to show. This may be caused by a low memory problem... Not sure.
  • If you choose to resize the image in the applet, the applet will think that the image is all done being resized and try to draw the pieces on the screen. This looks quite weird until the image is done being drawn. There's really nothing I can do. I suggest using the fast scaling method or only sending the applet to people with really fast computers.
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