Java Puzzle Applet

Version 4.4 - 28 February 2001

Did you ever want to play a puzzle on your web page, or put one on to entertain others? This applet is probably just what you want. It was inspired by a CGI script which essentially did the same thing, but not nearly as fast (especially on a 14.4 modem). Right now, people who play the puzzle only have to download the applet (only about 14k), download the image, and download any optional sound to play when you solve the puzzle.

If you think these two puzzles don't work, please try to make sure that you have Java enabled in your browser. This puzzle relies upon it. If you still experience problems, please make sure to e-mail me about it (my address is at the bottom), and please include as much detail as possible.

  • Swap style puzzle example - Mickey Mouse
  • Slide style puzzle example - Sarah, my wife
  • Download the full puzzle package with the documentation and examples or just the Java .class file.
  • Usage of the puzzle applet
  • Error codes and bugs in the applet
  • History of the applet
  • Examples of where the applet has been used in real life
  • Stop Cheating if you have a "high score" list

This puzzle (without modifications) is freeware. I will not charge for this version, and I will not charge for future versions. With any version of the puzzle I write, it is free to be used by anyone. I do not require a link from your puzzle page. You can generate money using the puzzle and you are not obliged to pay me. I accept donations, if you feel the need to pay someone. You do not need my permission to use this program -- I have already given it.

Java source to the puzzle is available. This applet should be simple enough for people who know Java to program, or for semi-talented beginners to start with.

I have not had the time to implement many things into the software, and instead of having people continue to wait for the features, I have decided to abandon the project. Because I will no longer maintain the software, your requests for features will fall upon deaf ears. However, if you do actually change the program, I ask that you submit your changes back so others can benefit from your work.

A group of rhinoceroses is called a crash of rhinos. Tyler Akins <>
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