Marco: Upgrades

When registering Marco, you will get a limited number of bugfixes and enhancements for free. To help keep track of what versions you can and can not use, a "magic number" is encoded into the RegCode and embedded into Marco. That lets me allow people to upgrade Marco to the newest version when updates are made.

When new features are added, the magic number gets made just a little bit bigger. The magic number is not changed if there is just a bugfix or minor enhancement. When the magic number is too big, your registration code will no longer work and you will need to register a newer copy of Marco.

To see what versions of Marco you can use, just look on the table below. If you use a version of Marco that is outside of your range, the software will become unregistered. You will need to install a different version and enter your old code or install the latest version of Marco and just re-register it.

The reason for the change
3.0AnyMultiple point databases, restructured strings
2.6AnyGrading PI, area of polygon, quadriatic solver
2.5AnyAngle converter, reworked lots of code, bearing
2.2 - 2.4AnySave point
1.9 - 2.1AnyKeyboard, center line for curves formulas
1.6 - 1.83.0Center line for curves
1.52.6Center line for lines
1.0 - 1.42.5Initial registration system
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