Marco: Registration

Marco used to be shareware, but now it is not supported. I have opened up the registration process to immediately generate you a working code.

Follow these steps to register Marco for your handheld:

  1. Start Marco.
  2. Tap on the menu button and select "About Marco" to determine the version of Marco on your handheld.
  3. Write down the version of Marco. This is VERY important. Keep this information in a safe place.
  4. Press "Ok" to go back to the main menu of Marco.
  5. Tap on Preferences, and then press Register Me.
  6. Look for something that says RegCode. It should look something like this: 82:C1:DF:7D:7A:81:70:21:7E:B5:BD
  7. Write down your RegCode in the same place where you wrote down the version of Marco you are registering.
  8. Enter your code here:
    You unlock code:
  9. Once you get an unlock code (typically a number with five digits), go back to the registration screen by running Marco, tapping on Preferences, and then picking Register Me. Press the button to enter the unlock code.
  10. After entering the code and pressing Ok, Marco will say that it is going to jump back to the applications screen. That's fine. It doesn't hurt anything. Just re-run Marco.
  11. To check if it is registered, go back to the preferences screen. The Register Me button should no longer be there. If it still is there, the unlock code that was entered is not a valid code.

If you have any problems, try reading the FAQ for answers.

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