Marco: Download

Below is the link to the unregistered version of Marco. You'll have seven full days to evaluate the software. Once that time is up, all features will be disabled until you register it. To register it, you will need to enter an "unlock code" and the Registration page will guide you through the steps to get your own unlock code. Just click on Register in the menu to the right.

Marco requires MathLib. To find out more about MathLib and whether you need to install it, check out the MathLib explanation page. If you are upgrading Marco, you don't need to reinstall MathLib.

Download Marco, version 3.1
as a .zip file with MathLib and documentation (111 k bytes)
as a .prc file (186 k bytes)

Additional Files

Point Files (If installed, they will overwrite your current point file)
3588 Sample Points (.pdb file -- 136 k bytes)
In 1878, the first telephone book contained 50 names. Tyler Akins <>
Legal Info