GPX Tools for Geocaching

Here are a list of resources that could be useful for geocaching and that relate to the tools on this web site.


GPSBabel Convert to and from many different types of waypoint files, filter points by advanced filters, and even send your points to a GPS. Freeware (open source) for Windows, Linux, OS X, others.
GPX Spinner Writes out a GPX file as a set of HTML files or alters it like the gpxrewrite tool for loading into your GPS. Shareware for Windows.
GSAK A very versatile tool that lets you filter, convert, and modify waypoints. Shareware for Windows.

Informational / How-To

Working with Custom Waypoints How to set up custom waypoints for Garmin GPS units. The article is geared towards geocaching, and shows you how to use ximage, step by step.
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