GPX Tools: gpxfilter

Removes waypoints from a GPX file based on the criteria you specify. This can be used to limit your geocaches by difficulty, terrain, size, and cache type.

Command Line Syntax

gpxfilter gpx_in.gpx gpx_out.gpx [filter [filter [...]]]

gpxfilter my_query.gpx filtered_list.gpx -maxterr 2 -mindiff 3.5 -size MSRL -type TU

You can use "-" instead of gpx_in.gpx and gpx_out.gpx to use stdin or stdout instead of an actual file.


-mindiff ###
Sets the minimum difficulty level to keep.
Example to keep all caches with at least a difficulty of 1.5: -mindiff 1.5
-maxdiff ###
Sets the maximum difficulty level that should be kept.
Example to eliminate caches with a 4.5 or 5 difficulty: -maxdiff 4
-minterr ###
Sets the minimum allowable terrain value for geocaches.
Example to keep terrains that are over a 2: -minterr 3.5
-maxterr ###
Removes all caches with a terrain rating greater than the value specified.
Example to eliminate terrains over a 4: -maxterr 4
-size ....
Sets what sizes are allowed. If you do not specify a size code here, geocaches of that size will not make it through the filter.
U = Unknown
M = Micro
S = Small
R = regular
L = Large
V = Virtual
O = Other
Example to keep only physical caches with a listed size (micro through large): -size MSRL
-type ....
Keeps only geocaches with the listed container types.
X = Benchmark
C = Cache In Trash Out Event
G = Earthcache
E = Event Cache
B = Letterbox Hybrid
L = Locationless (Reverse) Cache
E = Mega-Event Cache
M = Multi-cache
A = Project APE Cache
T = Traditional Cache
U = Unknown Cache
V = Virtual Cache
W = Webcam Cache
Example to keep only traditionals, multi-caches, and webcams: -size TMW
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