Here's links to everything that is related to D&D for the Palm.

Palm OS Programs

D&D Tools [freeware]
Experience calculator, time/distance calculations, turning tool. This is kinda what I based my program on. If you don't need the extra junk that my software has, then you should check his out.
DieRoller [freeware, open source]
Written in Quartus Forth, this die roller lets you roll up to 8 dice at a time and displays the roll results as well as a sum of the dice you want.
Gamer's Die Roller [freeware]
Roll up to 20 dice at once. Assign up to 24 custom die rolls, which can test for success or failure against a value or compute AD&D To Hit armor class.
Roll Em [freeware, open source]
A serious die roller program. Different rolling systems, custom rolls, large range of die sides, tons of other features.
Roll sets of dice for your character. Define how many dice and what type of dice to roll, then save several dice sets for your character.

Background / More Information

Chris Pound's Name Generation Page
Great site with tons of information. His 'werd' script is actually based on psrGrammar by Mark Rosenfelder.
Mark Rosenfelder's language site. He originally wrote a tool called psrGrammar, which took rules and expanded them into words. This was later refined by Chris Pound.

Other Sites of Interest

RPG Gateway
Large collection of links related to role playing games.
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