Nearly every feature of the program is listed here, by category. If you want other features, feel free to ask.


Die Roller
Yes, nearly every D&D program has one, but mine is statistically corrected to produce random numbers that don't have the 0.1% bias that others have. This same random number generation is used whenever a random number is needed throughout the program. (Maybe I went a little out of my mind -- 0.1% bias is hardly worth caring about.)
Experience Calculator
Enter average party level, number of monsters, and monster level. You'll get the total experience for the encounter and the amount per person.
Movement Calculator
How many miles can a monk travel over hilly ground on a clear day without a trail to follow? Well, a 18th level monk with boots of speed can go approximately 82 mph.
Turning undead
Rolls all of the dice and does all of the math for you. Just enter the charisma modifier and the character level.

Reference Tables

Ability Modifiers
What is the modifier for your giant with a Str of 23? Find out quickly.
Experience Points
A quick reference to see if your characters have leveled yet or not.
Treasure Per Encounter
Keeping in mind that this is an average, it helps you to make sure your characters are as powerful as they should be. This is per character, assuming there are four players in your party.
Character Wealth Gain
How much each character's wealth should increase with each level.
Party Treasure From Encounters
Very similar to the Treasure Per Encounter table, but this applies to the party as a whole.
Average Treasure
This should let you know if you are letting too many magic items and too much money slip away to your players. Keeping the players near their level on this chart will help balance game play.
Character Wealth
How much gold and assets your characters should have each accumulated in the course of their travels.

Random Generators

For more information on the types of databases that D&D Helper uses, check out Database Types. Below is a list of things that the program can generate by installing another databse.

  • Gems with gp values and descriptions
  • Magic items (minor, medium, and major)
  • Words that look like they belong to a particual language.
  • Riddles
  • Business names
  • Critical hit and fumble descriptions
  • Wild surges and wild surge fumbles
  • Player character names from a wide variety of sources

And All The Rest

Context-Sensitive Help
When you pick the "Help" menu option, it will display help for that particular screen -- not a generic help message.
Easy Number Entry
When you enter a number, a separate screen pops up so you can just tap the numbers, change the sign (where applicable), and increment/decrement the number by 1. The buttons are big enough for you to use your fingertip.
The program and all databases for D&D Helper that are distributed on this site are freeware. Well, actually the program is open-source (GPL).
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