I would like to properly thank the following people for the things that they did to help out this project:

Sarah Akins (my wife) -- The first DM to use this program. She also has a lot of sway on how the program looks and what goes into it.
D&D Adventures -- Gave me permission to use the critical hit and fumble tables from as long as I don't charge for anything.
Scott Crawford <> -- Created D&D Tools, which I thought was a good start but didn't go far enough. He also gave me the source to his program so that I could improve mine. Great guy!
If you mix milk and vinegar and wait a few minutes, you can strain out a goo that can be used as glue. If you then pat it dry with a paper towel, add a little baking soda, and mix very well, you will get a slime or ooze. Tyler Akins <>
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