Change Log
1.2 - November 2007
Finally created a PSR database with over 127 records, causing a problem. Fixed it when I made a magic item generation database.
Added a couple more tables.
1.1 - August 2003
Fixed capitalization errors with PSR rule generation. Elvish Names database has been updated to capitalize the first letter.
PHP class used to generate databases now supports capitalization of rules and chances, which now work in PSR.
Database generation for letter pairs now produces a cache file for fast loading of data for web-based generation.
Added web-based generation of data to show what the results would look like.
Updated web site in many other places.
1.0 - July 2003
Added help where there was none. Reworded some other help screens just a little.
Fixed a bug that I introduced along the way (not sure when it creeped in). The movement calculator now works as expected.
Since I believe that the generation routines are now working fully, and that is the landmark I wanted for version 1.0, I bumped up the number.
0.7 - June 2003
Records are now appended together for the Pick One and Letter Pair sections. This will speed up HotSyncing dramatically.
Rewrote dnd_helper.php to speed up creation of databases.
Recreated databases to use new format. Upgrade all old copies!
If you pop up the number input form (experience) and you press a number as the first keypress, you set the number to the keypress instead of blindly adding another digit to the number. This is what you would expect out of a calculator.
0.6 - June 2003
Added PSR generation.
Recreated the various databases.
Removed the 'small' databases.
0.5 - May 2003
Databases can now be beamed and deleted from the Generate form.
Various minor bugfixes.
0.4 - August 2002
Fixed letter pair generator.
Changed the screen to show a "working" message while generating the word.
Added a binary search algorithm to make word generation for letter pairs and "pick one" much faster.
Added the flag for databases to generate random things multiple (10) times. Works great for word lists.
0.3 - July 2002
Added random generator (letter pairs)
0.2 - July 2002
Added random generator ("pick one")
0.1 - July 2002
Initial version. Included the die roller, experience calculator, movement calculator, turning tables, reference tables (ability modifiers, experience levels, treasure) and some help.
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