D&D Helper

If you are a DM, then you know that there are several tables, charts, and other things that you need to look up from time to time. Many dice get rolled when you use a breath weapon. Experience for the party makes you look up a few things on an annoying chart and you need to divide by the number of party members. Calculating how far you get in a day of travelling over different terrains.

If you have a Palm OS device (Palm Pilot, Handspring Visor, Sony Clié, etc), then you are in luck. All of these things and more are done effortlessly with this program. It originally was based on the functionality of D&D Tools by Scott Crawford, but it has several other features that Scott has not yet implemented.

This program is free for anyone to use. That's an unbeatable price for all of the things that are now much easier. Since there does not seem to be any interest, this project is not moving to SourceForge, but you can download the program, additional databases, and even the source code from the download page.

D&D Helper is not able to replace the books at the gaming table -- this merely speeds up gameplay. You should still use your Player's Handbook and the other slew of books that you have on your gaming table. Just keep your dice in your bag if you need to roll 10d6 fireball, whip out a magic item for treasure, or maybe find a new name for a character.

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