Software / Projects

All sorts of programs reside here. They range from desktop software packages, to web server libraries, to shareware that runs on your handheld.


BURP Encrypt a single file with Blowfish encryption. Command-line based, public domain, ported to many platforms. I have also written a Windows GUI.
DBF Tools Some utilities I whipped up to boil down a dbf file by aggregating the records and another to concatenate multiple dbf files together.
Floater A floating menu, complete with source. Also has an altered version that works well on a flash drive.
FoxPro Useful things that I have written. Maybe it could help you out too?
GPX Tools Command-line utilities that will alter the GPX files retrieved from a geocaching pocket query.
Mirror PERL program to mirror a set of directories with a list of exclusions.
Miscellaneous Little things that I don't know where else to put.
Tape Tools C programs designed to get data off of tapes from a Linux system. Especially geared for 3480/3490 tapes.
UNTGZ Extract .tar and .tgz (.tar.gz) files. Automatic long filename conversion. DOS, DOS 386+, Win32 for Windows 95/98/2000/NT/ME/XP, native OS/2. Freeware, open source under GPL v2, with source code. Also a VERY tiny version.
USBStart A nice program that will help you automatically run another program on your USB drive. When that program exits, the drive will be automatically dismounted. Great for use with Floater.

Java Applets

Java Puzzle Applet Want a free puzzle that you can stick in your web pages? Try this one out! It is small, fast, very compatible, and takes almost all work out of putting up a puzzle site of your own.
SalangMenu Tiny little menu system that is completely configurable through parameter tags.

Palm OS Programs

D&D Helper Palm OS program that is designed to help out DMs and characters. It tries to speed up the game by rolling large amounts of dice and performing time-consuming calculations. It can also look up information and generate various things.
Marco Surveyor software for the Palm Pilot and other Palm OS devices. Designed to be a tool for quick calculations and small amounts of number crunching. Not a complete solution for surveying, but a fast and quick reference and calculator.
Palm OS Software A local copy of several Palm programs, all of which are free to use.

Server Software

Email Validation Javascript and PHP code that will verify that an email address at least appears valid and should pass RFC checks.
Feedback A live feedback system; the exact same software that powers the chat box at the bottom of nearly every page on this server. Get much more input on how you are doing and what the general population wants. Includes an anti-spam system and censoring.
Motown Records is the first black-owned record company in America. It was founded in Detroit in 1959 and was named after Detroit's nickname. Tyler Akins <>
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