Web Reference
Geographic Navigation By using a spinning globe, you can separate the information you have about the world into groups by continent. This type of idea could be used to categorize your links by any type of region.
Including Javascript If you have the desire to load JavaScript files dynamically and even know when they have loaded, this page is for you!
JavaScript Speed If you code it right, it will run at a (hopefully) respectable speed.
LifeGenesis Conway's game of cellular automata animated by using JavaScript to swap images. Random splatters assist in keeping things interesting.
Mouseover Descriptions Use JavaScript to swap images, display description information in a box, and show information in the status bar. Great for explaining to visitors what some specific links (like a menu bar) do.
Onload Overloading Have two (or more) JavaScript programs that both want to use window.onload? Alter them both accordingly so that they will never conflict again. Code this way for all of your window.onload needs and remove potential sources of trouble.
Popup Data Passing Open a popup window and pass data back and forth with JavaScript.
Shortcut Icon Put a tiny little picture in the address bar for your web site.
Transparency Show how to use CSS and maybe a bit of JavaScript to make things appear, dissapear, and act bizarre altogether.
Blonds have more hair than dark-haired people. Tyler Akins <>
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