I am really glad that you found something on my web site worthy enough for you to donate some of your funds my way! I have set up a PayPal account so you can use a credit card to send me whatever amount you'd like. Just press the button below to get started.

The money that is donated to me does go back into the site. I pay for my hosting and hardware upgrades primarily out of my own pocket, so the money I get in from this site helps to just offset those costs. When people send me even a dollar, I really appreciate it.

I would greatly prefer amounts over 2 dollars or maybe just 0.99 – PayPal charges about a 33% fee for $1 and it drops down to an 18% fee for $2. However, I leave the amount up to you.

You can also donate anonymously with BitCoin: 1EX7txZ62fddiKRcw7L3QjPNHyN4PxUtaH

I sincerely thank you for anything you provide.

For the same volume, cold water is heaver than hot water. This is for the liquid form only. Water is most dense at about 4° C (39° F). Tyler Akins <>
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