Palm OS Programming


When using these tips, know these facts:

  • I program in C. All program code will be in C.
  • I use gcc. That shouldn't be a problem for any of these snippets for you CodeWarrior folk.
  • I use Linux, so the shell scripts will be using bash and perl.

The Info

Palm OS Programming Gotchyas and Pitfalls
A slide show converted to text, then to HTML. Easier to print out this way. Lots of good ideas and information is summed up.
Advanced UI Topics
A great look at what's going on inside the Palm. Another slide show that was converted to HTML.
Tips for using PilRC
C Code
Ways to speed up and slim down your program's size. Includes examples so you can see what I mean.
My small list of events and the hex codes relating to the event.


Palm OS Programming Bible
Fairly good book. I like it. It has tons of examples, and they seem to cover everything. There are minor things that it misses, such as the fact that you should return true if you have a custom draw function for a popup list and you need to set the trigger's label, but overall it is a good book. The only downfall is that it is quite expensive.
Palm Programming, The Developer's Guide (O'Reilly)
First off, let me mention that I don't like O'Reilly books. Not my style. This book is certainly no exception. It has typograhical errors, poor code, and skips over topics that I want information about. If I didn't buy this book, I could have spent it on something useful ... like gas money.

Off-Site Links

Palm OS Development FAQ
Lots of information about programming for the Palm. If a subject is already covered there, it certainly won't go into this page.
Software that is not only free, but it also lets you download and modify the source code in order to make improvements. Unfortunately, the site is a bit on the small side and doesn't have loads and loads of software.
Open source, free compiler for making Palm OS programs. This is the alternative to CodeWarrior, and what I use. I highly recommend it.
Pilot resource compiler. If you use PRC-Tools to make programs, you will need pilrc to compile your resources for the program.
GLib Shared Libraries
When you want to share code between multiple programs, you should make it into a library. This web site explains the benefit of making a GLib style shared library. You make it with gcc and the PRC-Tools package, so you CodeWarrior people are kinda SOL.
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