Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg ( is a wonderful project. They distribute public domain books and ones that are outside of their copyright period. All books are converted into plain text, and several are in HTML and other formats.

I created this page to redistribute the Palm versions of the texts that I have read. Feel free to download and read them yourself! The Project Gutenberg legal notice is still at the top, so you will need to page down a little to get to the story, but that should not bother you too much.

As for the file formatting, I have decided to use Plucker (look at my Palm OS page for the reader). It was a hard decision that was based upon several factors. The list of factors is at the bottom of this page. So, for your reading enjoyment, I provide three versions of each book:

  • ZIP - Zipped copy of the text version, just like it is on Project Gutenberg.
  • HTML - Formatted as a web page, then zipped up. Converted by a modified version of gut (my version is here).
  • Plucker - The HTML version make into a Palm OS database. Use Plucker to view it. Converted with JPluck. These are ZLib compressed databases, so make sure you have ZLib on your Palm, in addition to Plucker. Also, your version of Plucker must do seamless breaks. Version 1.6.1 is known to work wonderfully with these documents.
20,000 Leagues Under The Sea
Verne, Jules
217 k
215 k
246 k
20,000 Leagues Under the Seas (Translation of Vingt mille lieues sous les mers)
Verne, Jules
334 k
332 k
381 k
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Carroll, Lewis
57 k
57 k
64 k
Count of Monte Cristo, The
Dumas, Alexandre
962 k
968 k
1 m
Dorothy And The Wizard In Oz
Baum, L. Frank
89 k
88 k
102 k
Island of Doctor Moreau, The
Wells, H. G.
96 k
96 k
107 k
Journey to the Interior of the Earth
Verne, Jules
169 k
168 k
194 k
Swiss Family Robinson
Wyss, Johann David
274 k
273 k
309 k
Through the Looking-Glass
Carroll, Lewis
66 k
67 k
75 k
Treasure Island
Stevenson, Robert Louis
144 k
145 k
162 k
United States Bill of Rights
United States
4.9 k
5.1 k
5.1 k
United States Constitution
United States
15 k
15 k
16 k
Wonderful Wizard of Oz, The
Baum, L. Frank
77 k
76 k
87 k

The reason I picked Plucker over the numerous other etext readers out there is for the following points:

  • Great compression ratio. The uncompressed text format of Swiss Family Robinson is 697k. In DOC format, it is 411k. For the zTXT format used by Weasel Reader (a.k.a. Gutenpalm), it is 325k. For Plucker, it is 303k.
  • HTML is the base, meaning you can get formatting, bold, italics, links, and much more. DOC and zTXT do not do that.
  • The format is open (not proprietary). If the Plucker project dies, the format will live on. If Peanut Reader dies, the format is dead.
  • Autoscrolling support. Yes, I know that CSpotRun, Weasel Reader, and others also have it. This is just one thing I looked for.

The big differences between Plucker, zTXT, DOC:

Compression Uses Zlib
Awesome compression
Custom format
Great compression
Custom format
Good compression
Program Size ~180k (~250k for hi-res)
+30k for Zlib
~100k ~20k - 300k
Varies greatly with
different readers
Formatting HTML - bold, italics, font sizes,
images, document links, etc.
Plain text Plain text
Cool Things Also reads DOC files Supported by many programs

Summary: Plucker was chosen because of the superior compression, HTML markup, and the ability to show links and images. When I travel around with ten or more books at once, the extra 20k or more per book that I save makes up for the larger reader. Weasel Reader (zTXT) was a close competitor, especially since it can also read DOC files, but lost in the end due to the lack of image support and because it doesn't do any HTML markup. DOC is a great format for a tiny viewer, but Palms have grown to have more memory and the better compression scheme should be used for ebooks.

Plucker has its issues too; for example, when stopping autoscrolling it needs to refresh the screen. Also, I need to have Zlib installed, and that library isn't small (about 30k). But I only want one text reader on my Palm if I can help it, thus I use Plucker. Now, if Plucker could read or convert DOC files, I would be in heaven.

A Great Plenty, by E. Nuff Tyler Akins <>
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