If you talk to a lot of gun enthusiasts, many different and often conflicting opinions will be shared. Each person has their own background, reasoning, and justification for what they believe is the best. However, nearly everyone will agree on the following saying:

The bottom line is you want to hit well, hit deep enough,
make a big hole, and not overpenetrate in that order.

Hit Well

Obviously, that means you need to know your firearms and be able to use them to accurately hit a target. Practice. Remember to be safe, use eye and ear protection, make sure you follow the Ten Commandments of Firearm Safety.

Hit Deep Enough

You know if you are hitting deep enough by doing some sort of penetration testing. You need to be able to hit through the target to get into vital organs. If you don't do that, you might as well not shoot.

Make a Big Hole

Again, more penetration testing. This time, you are looking for the size of the track wound that the bullet produces. More is better.

Don't Overpenetrate

It's more critical for cops than for other people, but ideally you wouldn't want to shoot an intruder, have it go through your house and into a neighbor's house, through their television, into another room, and into your friendly neighbor.

It also means that a .50 cal Desert Eagle is probably too much gun if you are only concerned with home security. But again, it is the last concern. The .50 will certainly hit deep enough and make a big hole if you can wield it properly and accurately.

Elephants can hear infrasound (sounds lower than what the average human can hear). Tyler Akins <>
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