3rd Edition D&D
D&D Rule of Thumb:
Dead monsters are ALWAYS naked and penniless.

General Links

Pathfinder Web Enhancements (Beta) Additional spells and magic items dropped from the player's guide because they were infrequently used.
Die Roller Stats Visually see the difference between 3d6 and 4d4+2, plus get some good math stats too.
Guenever's House Rules These are the additional modifications that we have made to 3ed D&D.
Rulings If the characters were placed in an odd situation and there was a ruling as to how to handle the wacky conditions, the ruling will be listed here.
Rules of Adventuring Follow them and you will likely stay alive.
Character Sheets The best ones I could find.
D&D Helper Similar to D&D Tools (also on this page), but it does a few more things. Experience calculator, movement, turning undead, die roller, reference tables, and more to come.
Class Construction Kit Make sure that new classes and prestige classes seem somewhat balanced. Version 1.1a.
Restricted Page Goodies that I intend to share only with a select few. If you personally know me, just get ahold of me to request a username/password.

Off-Site Links and Loosely Related Pages

Kinda sorted by how much I like them...

Pathfinder An open gaming system based on WotC's d20 open gaming system. You can layer this on top of your existing 3.5 edition campaign. Think of it as a more refined and freer version, where thousands of people helped to make the system better.
Hypertext D20 System Reference Document A version of the SRD designed for the web. Spells are cross-linked, and tables are added whenever they are used. All of the open and free content in a nice, web-friendly version.
D&D Spell Sorter Javascript based spell sorter. Almost a requirement if you are playing a spellcaster. Also a great way to show which spells are in spellbooks on your character or in a treasure horde. Very nice.
Alignment Test Take this test while you are thinking of your character's personality. It will help you find your alignment.
D&D Race Test Ever know what race you should be?
Open Gaming Foundation Lots of new d20 books are now inter-operateable. This foundation is spearheading the movement, and is also backed/created by Wizards of the Coast.
System Reference Document The "open" content of D&D. Basically, the player's guide, DM's guide, etc.
Wu Jen Wonderful Excel spreadsheets covering items, spells, characters, and a very large one that will help generate random monster encounters.
Net.Books A few locally-hosted netbooks, links to many more (most of which appear to be defunct). Great for ideas for new skills, feats, magic items, etc.
Blue Troll's Netbooks Lots of netbooks on various subjects for 2ed. More lists of new things that either will outright work or could be massaged to work with 3ed rules.
D&D Tools Freeware Palm OS program to assist the DM. Experience calculator, time/distance, and turning tables made easy.
AutoREALM Open-source fantasy role-playing mapper software.
Palm at the Gaming Table Links to sites that have software for D&D.
Make a Whiteboard Somewhat of a journal of my attempts to make a large whiteboard for the DM and also coating a table for players to use a whiteboard as well.
3e Character Generator Free software that lets you quickly pump out characters. I have been told it is very good but sometimes a little quirky.
PCGen Endorsed somewhat by WotC, this also helps you create characters. I have no idea how good this one is.
Dungeon Crafter 2 Free tile-based mapping software for Windows.

Prestige Classes

Artificer A magic user that excels at creating magical items and constructs.

For the D&D Tools, I have a local copy of version 1.00 and also here's a sneak preview of version 1.02 that doesn't require a separate database.

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