Programming Bots

I'm a self-proclaimed computer geek. As such, I like to have games where you make a strategy, program a robot to follow the strategy, and kill everyone else on the playing field.


I don't have a lot of time right now to invest in different programs, and what time I do have is just a few minutes waiting here and there for things to get done. Garbots is a great little Palm program if you want a little killing on the go. Fore more information, see my GarBots page.


This was my first bot programming game that I ever played. Since it is so hard to find, I have a local copy laying around. Warbots was programmed by Chris Busch in Turbo Pascal. The program runs in DOS and requires an EGA/VGA screen (everyone has these now, right?).

I wrote a bot that drove around backwards. If it found another robot, it would cream the area, move forward, turn around, and shoot four or five times in a row. Worked quite well.

I also wrote a crack (some time back -- can't find it anymore) that would decrypt the .war files that were password encrypted. The encryption method used is just a simple XOR stream cipher.


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