Tablet Review

Sorry, but right now this is just a brief review of my experiences with the AquaPad.

  • Handwriting recognition blows goats.
  • Keyboard hunt and peck with stylus is s ... l ... o ... w.
  • Mozilla loads slowly, as it does on most other computers.
  • Mozilla is so old and unstable that I need to replace it before I even really start using the AquaPad.
  • The most replaceable component, the internal Compact Flash card, is the least accessable item in the whole case.

This would work well for simple web sites, where getting information is the only thing you need. If you must type in data, you're better off at a bigger computer.

Even though the AquaPad has all of these limitations, I plan on recompiling the Midori Linux installation so that I can get things upgraded and throw in extra fun software.

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