Useful Links

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Product Information

FIC AquaPad The maker of these fine devices. Never mind the typo on their main page's title saying AquadPad.
FIC AquaPad (Taiwan) A different description of the same thing.
PCStats Review - FIC AquaPad A detailed look at the machine. Nicely written. - Extensive Review An extremely nice review on the AquaPad, delving into most aspects about the tablet computer. A good read.

Community Sites

Patching the AquaPad Useful information on how to upgrade the Compact Flash in the unit to hold tons more data, and how to add more programs to the device.
PenMount Drivers Drivers for the PenMount DMC9000 touchscreen.

Where to Purchase

InfoCater $1179 for the Midori Linux version. Prices are not available on their web site. [2003-04-11]
ASCII stupid question, get a stupid ANSI. Tyler Akins <>
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