Locally Hosted Files
Audio Drivers Windows audio drivers.
VGA Drivers Windows VGA drivers.
Touch Screen Drivers Windows touch screen drivers.
BIOS Flash Hard Drive Image A hard drive image that you can stick on your CompactFlash card and boot to in order to flash your BIOS. Contains DOS USB drivers in case your BIOS does not supprot USB Legacy Mode and comes equipped with all of the BIOS ROMs that I can find.
MS-DOS Hard Drive Image A blank, bootable FAT12 hard drive image that you can stick on the CompactFlash card in order to upgrade the BIOS.
FreeDOS Hard Drive Image Similar to above, but it is based off of FreeDOS and includes many tools. You won't be able to use them without adding the USB keyboard driver (ohci from the bios flash image) or turning on USB Legacy support.
packcramfs.txt Instructions for using packcramfs. Provided here just in case you just grabbed the binary from the AquaPad instead of compiling it yourself.
Midori Linux Manual My AquaPad didn't come with a manual, so I am very glad that I found this.
Midori Config File My current attempt at a Midori configuration. Was not working when I last tried it.
Lilo Configuration Directory structure and sample lilo.conf to get you started when installing a Knoppix boot CD to a CF card.
Midori Linux BIOS This is the original BIOS that came with the Midori Linux Aquapad. It's also available on the BIOS Flash Hard Drive Image.
CF to IDE Adaptor Spec file for the ADA-COMPACTFLASH-ATA-IDE40 adaptor, which will let you hook up an IDE hard drive to a CompactFlash slot.
CF Spec 3.0 The official spec, which lists the pinouts and exact characteristics of CompactFlash stadard.
CF to IDE Schematic Are you good with a soldering iron? More info on the Hacking page.
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