Reference Materials

This is a collection of how-to guides, informational documents, and other web pages that primarily give you instructions or helpful advice.

3rd Edition D&D Things Information about our house rules, links to software, custom prestige classes, etc.
Algorithms Little snippets of code that I have picked up from various sources. Sometimes even bits that I wrote myself because I couldn't find anything out there to help me.
Aquapad More than you ever wanted to know about the FIC AquaPad.
Bots I like to program tank things. Here's the collection of links and things that I like.
Cube Solution (NxNxN) Want a simpler way to solve a Rubik's Cube? It may not be the fastest, but it is one I can remember. As a bonus, it works for any size cube, not just the kind that have 3 on a side.
Dakota Digital Camera Just a little information about a really cheap digital camera and how to reuse it instead of paying the processing fees.
Desiccant How to make your own moisture removing device for small, semi-sealed containers. You can use it in your tackle box, in a safe, or in a geocache.
Email Information Useful tidbits of information if you use this machine as your email host.
Firearms Information about ballistic gel, alternatives to ballistic gel for testing ammunition, and firearm performance in certain situations. Links to great sites about effectiveness of ammunition and various test results.
Microsoft Databases Little functions and bits of code for Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL Server.
Palm OS Programming Tips and links that help to explain things that happen with Palm OS.
Problems Obscure problems that I have encountered, along with solutions. Only used when I could not find the solution on another site.
Project Gutenberg Palm versions of texts that I have converted from Project Gutenberg. Why did I pick the name and what does it mean? How can I contact the owner? This and other site-specific things.
Web Technologies How to do some interesing things with DHTML, CSS, JavaScript, and maybe even some plain HTML. A little reference for me, but also explains how I coded a few things that you can see on this web site.
Whiteboard How you can build your own whiteboard out of inexpensive materials. Many options are provided, so you can pick the best solution for your needs. Information on how to clean a whiteboard is also presented.
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