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  • 2008-07-13: Bowling shoes were intentionally made extra ugly so that nobody would steal them.
  • 2008-07-03: The New York Yankees added vertical stripes to their uniform in 1925. Jacob Ruppert made this decision because of Babe Ruth's weight.
  • 2008-07-03: The pitcher's mound was added to the field in 1903 because it solved a problem with rains that were often experienced during baseball.
  • 2006-11-03: President Howard Taft started a sports tradition by throwing out the first baseball of the seaon on April 14th, 1910. It was an American League game between Washington and Philadelphia (Wash 3, Phil 0).
  • 2006-11-03: In 1866, Andrew Johnson is the first U.S. President to attend an intercity baseball game. He also hosted three amateur teams at the White House during his tenure.
  • 2006-10-04: There are 336 dimples on a regulation golf ball.
  • 2005-11-29: The L.A. Dodgers were originally the Brooklyn Dodgers, and before that they were the Robins and before that the Superbas. The Dodgers name came from the extensive trolley system the city had. Pedestrian accidents with trolleys were commonplace, and people seeing trolleys coming at them would have to dodge out of the way. They kept the nickname when they moved to L.A. in 1958.
  • 2005-11-29: Bowling was originally played outdoors in alleys between buildings. Even when the game moved indoors, it kept the "alley" part of the name.
  • 2005-11-28: The huddle in football was invented at Gaulladet College, a school for the deaf. The players formed a circle so the opposing team wouldn't be able to read their hand signals.
  • 2005-11-14: Golf's "bogie" comes from the Old English word "bugge," meaning demon.
  • 2005-03-09: Ping-pong (table tennis) was played to a score of 21; 5 serves in a row by a player, and then it alternates. Today you may play to a score of 11, with 2 serves in a row instead of five. If you are equally matched, play continues until one person has a 2 point lead.
  • 2004-10-15: Every Major League Baseball team buys approximately how many baseballs each year?
  • 2004-10-15: Before 1859, baseball umpires were seated in padded chairs behind home plate.
  • 2004-06-24: Will Clark of the Texas Rangers is a direct descendant of William Clark of the famous "Lewis and Clark."
  • 2004-06-23: It takes 3,000 cows to supply the NFL with enough leather for a year's supply of footballs.
  • 2004-06-18: Calvin Hill played football for the Dallas Cowboys. His son, Grant Hill, plays basketball in the NBA.
  • 2004-06-04: The three races in horse racing's Triple Crown are the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes.
  • 2004-06-04: The last horse to win the triple crown was Affirmed in 1978.
  • 2004-06-04: 11 horses have won the Triple Crown.
  • 2004-06-04: The Kentucky Derby is also called Run for the Roses.
  • 2004-06-04: Of the three races for the Triple Crown, the Belmont Stakes is the longest at 1 1/2 miles. The Kentucky Derby is 1 1/4 miles and Preakness Stakes is 1 3/16.
  • 2004-05-20: Dr. James Naismith invented basketball in 1891. Players would dribble a soccer ball (football for non-Americans) and the baskets were actually peach baskets.
  • 2004-05-20: Basketball started to use metal hoops and a hammock-style basket in 1893. Another decade passed before open-ended nets were used. Finally, players didn't need to retrieve the ball from the basket after each basket was made.
  • 2004-05-20: Dr. James Naismith originally had 13 rules when he created the game of basketball.
  • 2004-05-19: Randy Johnson is the oldest player in Major League Baseball to pitch a perfect game at the age of 40. The previous record holder was Cy Young at 37.
  • 2004-05-19: In the 1956 World Series, Don Larson pitched a perfect game for the Yankees against the Brooklyn Dodgers.
  • 2004-05-19: Nolan Ryan holds the record for the most no-hitters pitched. He pitched 7 of them, and received 0 Cy Young awards.
  • 2004-05-19: The distance from home plate to the pitching rubber in Major League Baseball is 60 feet, 6 inches.
  • 2004-05-06: You have to play ping-pong for 12 hours to lose 1 pound.
  • 2004-04-30: The Minnesota Twins were originally the Washington Senators.
  • 2004-04-30: The L.A. Dodgers were once known as the Brooklyn Dodgers.
  • 2004-04-30: The Indianapolis Colts were once the Baltimore Colts.
  • 2004-04-30: The Cleveland Browns were relocated and became the Baltimore Ravens.
  • 2004-04-30: The Los Angeles Lakers were once the Minneapolis Lakers.
  • 2004-04-30: The Quebec Nordiques are now known as the Colorady Avalanche.
  • 2004-04-30: The Calgary Flames were once the Atlanta Flames.
  • 2004-04-09: Hank Aaron holds the record for Major League Baseball home runs at 755.
  • 2004-04-09: The record most games played, most at bats, and most hits over a Major League Baseball player's lifetime is held by Pete Rose. 3562 games played, 14053 at bats, 4256 hits.
  • 2004-04-09: The most innings pitched by a Major League Baseball player is held by Cy Young.
  • 2004-04-09: The Major League Baseball player that has stolen the most bases in their lifetime is Ricky Henderson, with 1406 bases stolen.
  • 2004-04-09: The only two brothers that won the Cy Young award were Jim Perry (Twins, 1970) and Gaylord Perry (Indians, 1972).
  • 2004-02-13: Wayne Gretzky played for 4 NHL teams: Edmonton Oilers, L.A. Kings, St. Louis Blues, New York Rangers.
  • 2003-11-19: The "huddle" in football was formed due to a deaf football player. His team didn't want the opposition to see the sign language he used to communicate, and in turn huddled around him.
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