Personality Tests

These personality tests are designed only to amuse and potentially provide insight into your mind. The results may not be 100% accurate, but if they bring a smile to your face, then they did their job. If you know of more tests like this that you would like to see here, email them to me!

Candy How does your selection of a candy bar reflect your views on life?
IQ How smart are you? Quickly take this quiz, if you dare, and find out!
Love This is designed to view your opinions about marrige and how you would treat your significant other.
Priorities What ranks as the most important in your life? What's next?
World Leader Who would you want as the world leader?
Eggs Benedict was first made by Oscar Tschirky at the Waldorf-Astoria as a hangover cure for one of his customers. He arranged the ingredients, covered it with hollandaise sauce, and named it after the man with the hangover. Tyler Akins <>
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